Wednesday, July 11, 2012

125th Anniversary of Esperanto

On July 26, 2012, we will celebrate the 125th anniversary of Esperanto. On that date, Dr. Zamenhof published in Russian the first book to describe the international language Esperanto. The book was called UNUA LIBRO (First Book). Over the next few years, the book was translated in many other languages, with the English version being published in 1888.

Unua Libro por Rusoj (first edition, 1887, in Russian)

This booklet included the Lord's Prayer, some Bible verses, a letter, poetry, the sixteen rules of grammar and 900 roots of vocabulary. Zamenhof declared, "an international language, like a national one, is common property." Zamenhof signed the work as "Doktoro Esperanto" and the title Esperanto stuck as the name of the language which, in Esperanto, means "one who is hoping".

Unua Libro por Angloj (first edition in English, 1888, Steinhaus Translation)
To celebrate this most important milestone, the SudFlorida Esperanto Rondo (SFERO) will organize a party in Parkland, Florida, on Saturday July 28, 2012, starting at 4:00pm.  All details and RSVP are available from our site at  We look forward to seeing you again or to meet you for the very first time at this most important occasion.

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