Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Traduku (1)

Mi invitas vin esperantigi tiun anglalingvan teksteton...

At first I was appalled by these outbreaks of xenophobia.  I tried to explain that tempers were short, on account of tourism having overstretched the city's resources.  I was surprised to discover that they didn't want to know my excuses.  They were pleased to have seen their hosts conform to their national stereotype.

It is supposed to be a no-no in the new Europe to caricature nationalities.  But we all do it.  We just pick our audiences carefully and make sure the doors are locked before we start talking.  All we are doing is letting off steam: as 1992 approaches, it is becoming clear that we are stuck with each other, no matter what we say behind each other's backs.

Why do we get such a kick out of over-simplifying each other?  One answer could be that the truth is too complicated to discuss intelligently.

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