Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Esperantilo is a text editor with particular Esperanto functions, spell and grammar checking and machine translation.  It is available free of charge at  The site also provides Esperantilo as a grammar checker packaged as an OpenOffice Extension.

Key Features
  1. It contains complex customizable machine translation for a Polish, German and English languages. It is complex translation software.
  2. it supports also semi-automatic translation.
  3. It can collaborate with professional translation systems by XLIFF and TMX formats.
  4. It can translate many Esperanto character encoding (ĝ gx gh ^g g^ html).
  5. It makes easy to write Esperanto hat letters with "x"-replacement.
  6. It can convert many files automatically.
  7. It is full utf-8 editor and is suitable for editing multilingual texts.
  8. It enables editing of many files in one program.
  9. It contains "undo" and "redo" functions.
  10. It offers spell checking.
  11. It contains grammar checker
  12. It contains syntax analyzer
  13. It contains a multilingual dictionary with an edit mode
See below video example of how to use the tool (in Esperanto)

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