Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kiu lingvo por la homaro?

Grupo "Konga Espero" el Kinŝaso

In the beginning of the 90s, several Esperantist singers fled from Congo to Europe because of the war (i.a. Zhou-Mack who went to Paris, and Denizo Rock Tamba to Germany), and took part in Vinilkosmo-Kompil’ Vol. 2 in 1996.  In May 18th 2005, Denis Rock Tamba was expulsed from Germany with other Congalese, after sixteen years of exile, leaving his son and his organized life behind.

After returning to Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo), Denis Rock Tamba, who had several musical experiences in Germany (Afrika Espero, La Rolls, etc.), returned to his musical activities in Congo and met with other musicians.  During the ILEI conference that occured in Kinshasa, several Esperantist musicians, writers, and composers from different regions of Congo, met (Viktor Lufimpu, Junior Ngangu, and Denis Rock Tamba), and they had the idea of creating a musical group with various other musicians under the name Konga Espero.

Despite technical difficulties, they succeeded in recording an 8-title mini-album in 2009 in a studio in Kinshasa, "Kiu lingvo", and they agreed to add it to the Afrika Kompilo project.  Their music carries us from reggae and zook through latino and funk rock, with themes going from political engagement, world peace, and romance.

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